Information about adopting from Goulburn Valley Pet Adoption & Rehoming

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All of our pets are housed in foster homes. We do not operate as a shelter, nor do we have a physical location where all our animals are kept in one place. By having all our animals in foster care, this allows us to better determine the animals true demeanour in a home environment. This way we can assess their suitability for homes with other animals, small children or if they need a home where someone is home most of the time. The animals in our care truly do mean the world to us, and our foster carer's love and care for these animals as if they were their own.


All our animals are fully vetted before they are adopted out. When we say fully vetted, this means our animals are desexed, vaccinated, microchipped, flea treated and wormed. Desexing is a huge part of rescue, as the overbreeding of cats and dogs is the main reason so many animals end up being euthanised across the country. 

The decision to adopt a pet shouldn't be taken lightly. As pet ownership is a commitment for the life of your pet, and depending on the animal you adopt, that responsibility may be for 10-20 years. As a pet owner you will be responsible for maintaining your pets yearly booster vaccines, and supplying their food, bedding and toys for their whole life. Our adoption process is thorough and this isn't to be difficult to those trying to adopt through us, it is to protect our animals and ensure they are going to a home that best suits them and you. If you are interested in adopting through us, please apply using the adoption application below. 

Please note, all our animals are listed on our Instagram and Facebook pages as they become available to adopt. We also use Savour-Life's Adopt a Dog website to list all our dogs. 


- You are saving a life, well two actually. You see, if you adopt an animal from us, you're not only saving the life of your new pet, you're saving the life of another animal that can take their place and be rescued. 

- By adopting an animal from a rescue, instead of buying an animal online or from a backyard breeder you are helping to stop the demand of overbred dogs and cats.

- Adopting from a rescue, is cheaper than buying an unvetted animal from a backyard breeder.

- A pet can bring so much love, fun and company into your life.

- You will be solely responsible for changing your pets life for the better, and the bragging rights that you have changed their whole world.

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All our cats and kittens are $250. The reason our cats & kittens cost this amount, is because they are all fully vetted and socialised. A fully vetted cat or kitten comes desexed, vaccinated, flea treated, wormed & microchipped. 

If you are looking to adopt a working cat, to reduce the mouse population at your home or business, please get in contact with us. Our working cats are available for adoption for the cost of a donation. 

Please click here to submit an application to adopt a cat

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Our puppies & dogs vary in price due to their age. Our puppies (0 - 12 months old) cost $700 to adopt, our adult dogs (12 months - 6 years) cost $600 to adopt, and senior dogs (7+ years old) cost $500 to adopt. We also offer discounted adoption fees if there is a double adoption. 

The reason our puppies & dogs cost this amount, is because they are all fully vetted and socialised. A fully vetted dog or puppy comes desexed, vaccinated, flea treated, wormed & microchipped. 


Please fill in the form below to enquire about a specific dog in care. 

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